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Unexpected Muse: Unlocking Creativity in Unlikely Situations

There’s been significant discourse in the media recently about which environments are most conducive to generating the best ideas. Surprisingly, I’ve found two scenarios to be the most productive, although also inconvenient:

  1. The moment I’m about to drift off to sleep, which inevitably prompts me unlock my phone, and hastily jot down the idea or email it to myself.
  2. During a shower, an instance that often jeopardises not only my safety but also the operational longevity of my phone, thanks to the ensuing water drips.

Being a regular contributor on LinkedIn and maintaining a daily blogging routine has heightened my awareness about potential content inspirations. This practice not only bolsters my social media endeavours but also sharpens my focus on continuous learning.
I find myself consuming more content than ever before, a habit that is broadening my knowledge and expanding my professional network. Now, the challenge remains in reminding my brain that it’s perfectly alright to power down occasionally!

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