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The Automation Advocate

This channel serves as my personal platform for discussing topics relevant to pre-sales roles, as well as Intelligent Document Processing, Automation, Workflow, and RPA

The Automation Generation Podcast

The Spectrum Digital Podcast ‘The Automation Generation’ allows my listeners to find out more about process automation. I provide insight into specific processes we’ve worked on, how we deliver projects, what tools we deploy and the day to day lives of our consultants. I cover technical topics in an easy to understand manner.

Tomorrows Workplace Today

Tomorrows Workplace Today is the podcast hosted by Steve Motley, the Digital Director at Spectrum. In addition to featuring videos that I’m part of, this channel covers a wide range of captivating topics.

By the way, you’ll notice an incredible image chosen for the thumbnail! 😂 This particular video is titled ‘The Need for Automation Goes Deeper Than You Thought’.

To quote from Steve’s LinkedIn:

“I was shocked to see this picture posted on Twitter by Merryn Somerset Webb a couple of weeks ago of a doctor surrounded by the forms required for one admission to an NHS hospital.

There must be a better way? In order to find out, we invited one of our resident experts in automation, Richard Fishburn, along to the podcast to discuss.”

Steve Motley
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