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Transforming Sales Strategy: The Power of Narrative Storytelling

Lately, the topic of ‘storytelling’ has gained significant traction across professional platforms such as LinkedIn and other social media networks, particularly in regard to its role in the sales process.

A noteworthy perspective on this subject has been shared by Jon Brosio in his LinkedIn post.

Brosio lays out an effective narrative framework for storytelling, which includes the following components:

  1. A HERO
  2. Has a PROBLEM
  3. And meets a GUIDE
  4. Who gives them a PLAN
  5. That calls the hero to ACTION
  6. And helps them avoid FAILURE
  7. And ultimately ends in SUCCESS

This framework proves to be a robust strategy to pave the way to pre-sales success. During the discovery phase, the pre-sales consultant should focus on identifying the HERO’s plight to ascertain the PROBLEM. This will enable them to structure the demo strategically, showcasing the necessary ACTION to prevent FAILURE and lead to SUCCESS.

Implementing this method consciously can create a significant impact. Make a conscious effort to identify and document these narratives during the discovery session. By doing so, you can rehearse them and subsequently present them efficiently during the demonstration.

Moving forward, I aim to actively identify and capture 2 to 3 compelling stories during each discovery and structure them in this format.

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