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Unveiling Today’s Discovery Meetings: Exploring Cost Control and AP Automation in Healthcare

Today marks an exciting day with two discovery meetings on my agenda. The first meeting involves a healthcare company keen on enhancing cost control and implementing Accounts Payable Automation (AP) within their operations.

What’s intriguing about this opportunity is that it originated from a referral made by a contact I’ve had the pleasure of working with on three distinct occasions across three different organizations. The value of such referrers cannot be overstated—they bring you along as they transition between companies, demonstrating their trust in your work and effortlessly generating new opportunities.

Reflecting on our past collaborations, I find it fascinating that these three organizations—IT Resourcing, Fire and Security Alarms, and now Healthcare—share common needs in their Accounts Payable and Purchasing functions, despite their diverse industries.

While our pre-sales team primarily focuses on pre-qualified opportunities initiated by automation consultants, there are occasions when our network itself presents valuable leads, as exemplified by this referral.

The second meeting on my schedule today follows a similar theme—an AP discovery session, but with an entirely new client. This presents an exciting opportunity to explore and understand their unique requirements.

Stay tuned for more updates as I delve into these discovery meetings and uncover new insights in the realm of AP solutions.

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  1. Just finished the discovery meeting with the healthcare provider.

    They handle a staggering 4,000 invoices monthly, handled by a team of 9 AP staff members. It’s a real challenge for them, dealing with 6 business units, relying on Excel-based PO templates, email approvals, and no proper receipting or process oversight.

    But here’s the exciting part! By implementing process reengineering, introducing a digital order book, and leveraging automation tools, we can improve their operations, saving them significant time and money. It’s an incredible opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Looking forward to helping them streamline their processes and drive efficiency. 💪🚀

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