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The Automation Generation: A new Spectrum Podcast

Yesterday I had the exciting opportunity to record six episodes of our latest podcast, soon to be released by Spectrum. As the host, I aim to engage an audience eager to delve deeper into our unique solutions and processes. While Steve, our Head of Digital, spearheads the successful podcast “Tomorrow’s Workplace Today” where he explores all aspects of the modern and future workplace through conversations with guests, my podcast will offer a problem, solution, process focused approach.

In the initial six episodes, I covered various topics, including:

  1. Our discovery processes.
  2. Common challenges faced by AP teams in Invoice Processing:
    • Dealing with a high volume of invoices.
    • Tedious manual data entry.
    • Handling manual 2- or 3-way matching.
    • Overhead or non-PO based invoices.
    • Efficient query management, pricing, and receipt resolution.
  3. Understanding the significance of Master Data Records.
  4. The differences in using templated vs. non-templated intelligent document processing.
  5. The value of operator-based training.
  6. Leveraging business process consultancy.
  7. Creating comprehensive statements of work.
  8. Efficiently managing projects and implementation teams.
  9. Exploring other transactional documents, such as Sales Order Processing.

These episodes sparked interesting discussions with my guests and shed light on key aspects of our operations. Stay tuned for the podcast’s official release, I’ll provide a link soon.


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