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Tailored Demonstrations: The Power of Personalisation

When it comes to giving demonstrations, I prioritise tailoring them specifically. However, if the audience consists of potential partners, referrers, or if the demo is part of a training session, I take a different approach – a “sweetshop” demo.

A sweetshop demo skips the initial discovery phase and focuses on showcasing common use cases, notable features, and standout functionality. The goal is to allow individuals to identify opportunities or grasp the concept easily, emphasising “the art of the possible.”

For me, a tailored demonstration involves several key components:

• Conducting a pre-demonstration discovery meeting, which is incredibly vital.
• Incorporating the client’s own documents and data during the demo.
• Creating custom dialogue that addresses how specific features can solve the client’s particular problems.
• Modifying workflows to align with the client’s requirements.
• Introducing new structures and behaviours as needed.

While this level of customisation can be time-consuming, I believe it’s justified. Securing an opportunity to meet with a new client is often challenging in itself, and I aim to maximise the chances of success. Converting a potential client is typically easier than finding a completely new one. While the amount of time invested may vary depending on the strength of the client’s business case or potential ROI, I always strive to tailor the demonstration to some degree.

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