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Striking the Balance: Customer Service Today and Building Skills for Tomorrow

When a customer submits a support ticket that requires escalation to 2nd or 3rd line support, I view it as an educational opportunity for our 1st line support team. This experience may equip them to handle similar issues independently in the future.

However, there’s a balancing act here. We must ensure that the ticket isn’t left unresolved for an extended period. When is the right moment for me to intervene and directly address the issue? Customer satisfaction is paramount, both in addressing the immediate concern and in refining our future service quality.

By guiding 1st line support to solve the problem on their own, we’re potentially enhancing the service for this and future customers. On the flip side, allowing a ticket to linger unresolved compromises our current service standards.

True learning is fostered by pointing someone in the right direction and then allowing them to navigate the journey independently. Through this approach, they not only identify the problem but also gain a deeper understanding of its cause, potential solutions, and strategies for similar challenges in the future. Merely handing over a solution doesn’t foster genuine learning.

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