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Planning a Stress-Free Leave: How I Unplugged and Recharged

I had a great time relaxing and decompressing from work; I needed it. Before I went away, I ensured the following:

• Anyone who I expected might want to contact me while I was away was aware I was on leave and had another point of contact to use.

• There were no loose ends or uncompleted tasks that needed to be done before I got back.

• My diary for the week I was back was organized and planned, with space to catch up.

• My out-of-office message was set with the correct information on when I would return and whom to contact in the meantime.

This approach meant:

• I didn’t feel the need to constantly check my emails; in fact, I only checked them the day before I returned.

• I could get the most from my break.

• There were no unexpected issues to come back to.

• I was ready for day one back at my desk.

It’s important to switch off. No one should demand that you stay permanently connected. If you plan for your break, there should be no nasty surprises. Your colleagues should support you, and you should support them.


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