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Leveraging LinkedIn Insights: How the SIPOC Framework Saved My Meeting

LinkedIn serves as an invaluable learning resource.

Recently, I received an invitation to a meeting organised by the BDM titled “Helicopter view of X process.” Given that I was needed to facilitate this meeting, I found myself stumped. The objectives were unclear, and I had no way to prepare due to this ambiguity. I reached out to the BDM and other participants to seek clarity, but the information was inconsistent. However, after delving deeper, we collectively identified our goals:

Understanding the higher-level process:

  • What are the inputs and outputs?
  • What are the basic process steps?
  • Which departments participate?
  • What are the key roles and individuals involved?

Defining the complete end-to-end scoping process:

  • What resources do we need to provide?
  • What resources does the client need to provide?
  • How do we estimate the cost for scoping in terms of time and money?
  • What’s the projected timeframe for scoping?

Grasping the objectives of the entire scoping exercise.

As I mentally prepared for the meeting, questions surfaced:

  1. How should I initiate the meeting?
  2. What’s the best method to document our findings?
  3. How can I ensure we meet our objectives?

Then, as fate would have it, an answer appeared while I browsed LinkedIn one morning: the Six Sigma SIPOC chart. A timely post discussed its purpose and application. The SIPOC framework seemed to answer all my questions.

With clear objectives and a robust framework in place, I could effectively communicate expectations, enabling attendees to prepare. I also started drafting the SIPOC based on my existing process knowledge. Entering discussions with preliminary ideas is beneficial; while they may need refinement, they demonstrate initiative and a proactive approach.

Remember: Prior preparation and planning prevents piss poor performance.

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