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Hyper-Automation: Empowering Creativity and Elevating Customer Experience

Robb Wilson, founder and CEO of a leading conversational AI platform, shared an intriguing perspective during his recent appearance on the SS&C Blue Prism podcast, Transform NOW.

Hyper-automation is the idea of automating as much as you can as fast as you can to raise the bar on employee experience, to raise the bar on customer service experience, to have humans focus themselves more on creativity than they do on productivity.

Robb Wilson, founder and CEO of

Wilson’s insightful statement points towards the essence of hyper-automation, a concept revolutionising the way organisations approach productivity and customer service.

According to Wilson, hyper-automation entails automating tasks swiftly and extensively to not only enhance employee experience but also elevate customer service.

By freeing up human resources from mundane and repetitive tasks, the focus shifts towards nurturing creativity and innovation.

Does this remind us of previous industrial revolutions?

The first industrial revolution, fuelled by the mechanisation of production through steam power, marked a shift from manual labour to machine-based manufacturing.

The second industrial revolution introduced mass production and electrical power, further accelerating productivity and economic growth.

The third industrial revolution saw the rise of computers, enabling the integration of digital technologies into industrial processes.

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