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Enhancing Discovery: Improving Questions, Outcomes, and Meetings

I’ve recently been following many pre-sales leaders on LinkedIn, which has sparked some thoughts about our discovery process, including the questions we ask and the desired outcomes. It’s a bit challenging because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and what happens before the discovery phase can impact our decisions within it.

We need to carefully consider both the client’s needs and expectations for the discovery process, as well as what the sales engineer requires and wants. To help guide the conversation and remember my objectives, I use cheat sheets and prompts. I’m currently reviewing and prioritising the questions, aiming to incorporate more business case-related inquiries.

Moreover, I’m actively reassessing how I initiate and conclude discovery and demonstration meetings, as well as the overall structure of proposal meetings.

Our Automation Consultants are already great at asking questions such as, “If successfully implemented, what would this enable you to accomplish that you can’t do today?”

However, I believe there is room for additional improvement in this area.

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