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Embracing New Frontiers: My Journey into User Interface Design

Recently, I’ve been involved in running a proof of concept for an AP automation tool we’re creating in collaboration with a partner. Our traditional approach integrates intelligent document processing with business process management tools to deliver a comprehensive solution. This method ensures maximum flexibility and has proven effective in both the mid-market and enterprise segments. However, the necessity of orchestrating two separate tools, rather than utilising a single unified platform, does introduce certain complexities.

The new tool is being built using a low-code development platform, aiming to either integrate seamlessly into an ERP systems existing user interface or function as a standalone, cloud-first, single-user interface AP automation tool. This initial phase sees us collaborating with our ERP vendor partner to incorporate this tool directly into their latest software offering.

Throughout the proof-of-concept phase, I’ve gained familiarity with several new skills, with user interface design being the primary focus. As my background is predominantly in system integration and value-added reselling, my exposure to user interface design has been limited. Engaging in workshops, wireframing, and the actual design process has been both enlightening and enjoyable. Stay tuned for further updates!

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