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Unveiling the Distinctions: Document Management vs. Information Management

I’ve been working on a LinkedIn post discussing the distinctions between document management and information management when I stumbled upon a helpful post by Ealla Copeland. She shared a quote that perfectly captures the essence of the topic.

In document management, you typically file an invoice using metadata like:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Supplier Name
  • Order Number

However, information management goes beyond that by expanding the indexing process to incorporate numerous additional data points. It leverages process automation to verify the invoice data against information in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It identifies exceptions, employs workflow and task management to involve relevant individuals in the decision-making process, and essentially weaves a narrative around the invoice.

I recommend having a read of Ealla Copeland’s post to see what she says about data and story telling.

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