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Sharing Expertise: Unveiling My Three-Fold Approach to Blogging, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Every journey begins somewhere! With over 15 years of relevant experience in business process, automation and pre-sales, I have a wealth of knowledge to share and a strong desire to do so.

Here’s my three-fold approach:

  1. Blog: I will use this platform to showcase my daily activities as the Head of Technical Services (pre-sales) at Spectrum.
  2. LinkedIn: My LinkedIn profile will serve as a means to generate interest in the work I do.
  3. YouTube: I will utilize YouTube to host informative videos and screen shares, providing valuable insights to viewers.

My goals are as follows:

  • Publish one blog post per day.
  • Write one LinkedIn post per day.
  • Engage with the LinkedIn community through three comments per day.
  • Upload one YouTube video per week.

By following this approach, I aim to create a dynamic online presence and share my expertise effectively.

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