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Seeking Validation in the Social Media Maze: A Personal Journey

It’s a peculiar thing, isn’t it? You put out a post on social media and find yourself waiting for responses and likes, sometimes feeling a tad anxious about whether you’ve unintentionally communicated something that could be misconstrued or if you’ve presented yourself in an unintended light.

Just yesterday, I responded to a post on LinkedIn with a straightforward comment. Surprisingly, I didn’t receive any acknowledgement from the original poster, even though they seemed to be actively engaging with other comments. This got me thinking – had I expressed something they found disagreeable? Then, my comment elicited quite a curt response from another user, which only amplified my concern.

However, just like a knight in shining armor, a highly respected and well-known pre-sales leader ‘liked’ my comment. And suddenly, I felt validated.

This interaction served as a reminder that it’s unrealistic to anticipate universal agreement or endorsement of our views. Some comments will strike a chord with certain people; others may be overlooked entirely. After all, social media is a bustling landscape.

I’m gradually realising that all I can do is be myself, share my thoughts, and be willing to refine my opinions as I continue to learn.

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