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Revolutionising Document Processing: Exploring Template-less IDP, Operator-Based Training, and Line Item Matching

In my latest YouTube recording, released at the end of last week, I addressed three primary topics:

  • Templated versus Template-less Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).
  • Operator-Based Training.
  • Line Item Matching.

IDP tools should have evolved beyond the use of templates to recognise correct information on a page, and should now be moving towards AI, Machine Learning, and Entity Recognition. A templated-only approach implies the following:

  • Every company that currently sends you documents would require a custom template, leading to substantial setup costs.
  • Each new company that sends you a document will necessitate its own custom template, leading to ongoing maintenance costs.
  • If a company alters their layout, they will require a new custom template.
  • Templates can typically only be created and modified by an administrator or developer.

An efficient template-less solution should also enable the user to improve recognition results on the fly using point-and-click techniques, often referred to as Operator-Based Training. This training should be applicable to both static and table-based fields.

IDP solutions should also facilitate matching data from the document back to the data stored within the ERP system. This could include:

  • Identifying customers, suppliers, delivery addresses based on names, addresses, VAT registration numbers, bank account details already held within an existing dataset.
  • Matching document references such as order numbers, delivery numbers, account codes found within an existing dataset.
  • Matching line items from the document to existing datasets such as order lines and delivery lines.

The video demonstrates these techniques in use with a live example. Here is the link:

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