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Remote Work and Results-Only Environments: When Should We Really Be Concerned

Returning to the topic of remote work, time management, and employee monitoring, I bring to the table my personal experiences with a range of line managers. Some have shown most interest with the amount of time I’ve spent at my desk, while others have more concerned with the results I’ve delivered, irrespective of the hours, minutes, and seconds devoted to the task.

Just like any far-reaching discussion, convincing arguments, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, are put forth in favour of both approaches. Much of the debate, however, hinges upon the individual circumstances of each case.

🤔 Suppose a salesperson is consistently meeting their quarterly targets and delivering high-quality projects. Should we then fret over their inclination for taking extended lunch breaks?

🤔 Imagine a data entry clerk performing up to the expected standard and maintaining a manageable laundry pile simultaneously. Should we express concern about their domestic efficiency?

🤔 What about a purchase ledger clerk who meets their quota of entering invoices but needs to leave daily at 3:00 PM to pick up their children? Does this disruption warrant any worry?

A results-only work environment tends to thrive when the tasks at hand can be specifically measured, but it may not suit every business, department, or individual.

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