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Elevating Automation: A Deep Dive into Capture Metrics and Proactive Solutions

I’ve been notably absent from social media recently, owing to a shift in focus towards other pressing matters. The past month has been particularly demanding as we’ve rolled out new projects and concentrated on enhancing the efficacy of our existing solutions.

A significant area of improvement has been in the realm of ‘Capture Automation Metrics’. Our sophisticated dashboard enables us to synchronise data analytics, specifically targeting the performance of our accounts payable solutions. The metrics primarily concentrate on the success rates of data capture and matching.

This analytical approach allows us to quantify the percentage of invoices that are fully automated—captured and matched to orders or receipts without the need for manual intervention. In other words, the entire process is executed without a single button click. Moreover, this data-driven method enables us to understand the reasons behind manual interventions and strategise on minimising such occurrences in the future.

By adopting this proactive stance, we can offer tailored advice to individual clients for optimising their specific solutions. Whether it’s suggesting modifications to their master data to achieve higher automation levels, adjusting capture settings behind the scenes, or focusing on problematic suppliers, our aim is to enhance overall efficiency.

This meticulous attention to success metrics has led to the successful development and implementation of changes to our core product, resulting in improved capture rates across all solutions. It’s immensely gratifying to witness the increasing levels of automation across all our projects.

I anticipate resuming my regular updates on this blog and LinkedIn in the forthcoming months. Thank you for your continued support and engagement.

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