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Beyond Digital Automation: Unravelling the Why Behind Manual Processes

As a Business Process Consultant, a significant part of the role involves mapping out customer processes. Over time, I have noticed a recurring mistake made by junior BPCs—they often fail to challenge the existing process. 😒

It’s common for them to meticulously map the current manual process and then replicate it in the digital domain during the transition. They utilise workflow tools, intelligent document processing, and robotic process automation to automate the process, but they overlook the importance of questioning each step along the way. Unlike seasoned consultants who can draw from their experience and suggest process changes for improved efficiency, juniors sometimes lack this depth of insight.

To ensure the best possible service for our customers, despite the sometimes limited experience of junior consultants, I advocate for the implementation of a simple strategy: always ask “why.” By challenging the customer and engaging in a dialogue centred around the reasoning behind each step, we can foster an environment for developing enhanced processes.

It’s worth noting that this approach often encounters the infamous response, “We’ve always done it this way.” 😂

By embracing the practice of questioning, we open doors to uncovering inefficiencies and discovering innovative solutions. Rather than merely replicating the manual process in a digital format, we have the opportunity to break free from the constraints of tradition and explore new avenues of productivity.

So, let us continually challenge the status quo, sparking conversations that lead to improved processes and, ultimately, better outcomes for our customers.

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