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The Life of a Pre-Sales Consultant: Insights, Expertise, and Impact

Step into my blog, where I offer a window into the daily life of a pre-sales consultant. Join me as I share valuable insights and first-hand experiences in these fields.

I specialise in business process consultancy and automation solutions, with a focus on streamlining transactional documents and process-intensive business operations.

My expertise lies particularly in Finance-related activities like Purchase to Pay and Sales Order Processing, but I cover a wide range of activities.

A significant portion of my time is dedicated to actively listening to potential clients as they discuss the challenges they face. I then utilise process remapping techniques and automation tools to provide effective solutions to their specific needs.

With over 15 years of experience, my areas of expertise include:

     •        Business process consultancy

     •        Process mapping and remapping

     •        Designing, implementing, and supporting intelligent document processing solutions

     •        Automation of Purchase to Pay and Accounts Payable processes

     •        Automation of Sales Order Processing

     •        Robotic Process Automation

     •        Business Intelligence

In 2022 alone, I took the lead in pre-sales activities for 32 new customer initiatives.

I work for Spectrum Digital based in Hull but from a home office in Leeds. I oversee global pre-sales activity.

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